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Alireza Rastegar

Alireza Rastegar

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I'm Alireza

 Love to start. My art is to fight for my dreams.
I seek to understand and enjoy life, so I invest the most in myself.

I help businesses with the right use of modern technology in the world can have the right workflow and be globally capable.

And finally, I might be a good role model for others! (:

About Me

علیرضا رستگار - محقق و توسعه دهنده


I am Alireza Rastegar, I have a bachelor’s degree in mining engineering

I love creating everything at the peak of beauty, so I learned and do photography, graphic design, site design.

After graduating the MBA course, and recognizing my abilities and combining them with the art of creating and producing , I became a powerful person in the field of R&D and I have something new to say.

I love Travelling, so I received the title of Google approved agent as an entrepreneur and I’m working on my own start-ups. In addition, I direct business people as much as I can.

Name: Alireza Rastegar

Birthday: 30 November 1991

Address: Turkey

Email: [email protected]

My skills

I represent Google Level 7. Due to my ability in graphic design, I have used this ability in business as R&D. And I am a good consultant for small and medium businesses as well as individuals. If you are looking for creation, I will be one of the options to accompany you intellectually and solve your problems.

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Graphic Design


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Web design



Graphic Design


Business consulting

Working Startup's


The first and only specialized job search platform in the field of mining and geology has been launched and is being developed with the aim of finding jobs for job seekers and introducing experts to employers.


A comprehensive tourism platform in the field of specialized and professional tours that is being launched.

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+1 707 879 8615
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