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Mining Logo Design – Mining Engineering collection

This logo depicts a cycle of mining operations.

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طراحی سایت حقوقی مشاورم باش

Designing a Moshaveram Bash Legal Website

Designing a Moshaveram Bash Legal Website Done in 1 month. Consultation was done for the brand name and domain, then after the needs assessment, first the logo of the collection…

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طراحی سایت فروشگاهی صنایع دستی اشهن

Design of Oshhan handicraft store site

The project of redesigning and optimizing the site of "Oshhan" handicraft store was done in a week, which was done for a number of pages. Among the works done: Redesigned…

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Golden house Store site design

The Golden House store site redesign and optimization project was carried out for a week, which was done for a number of pages. Among the works done: Redesign pages Dedicated…

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Website design of Notary 662 Tehran

The site design of 662 Tehran Notary was done in 3 months. It was an old site that first received the desired facilities, then surveys were conducted and a consultation…

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Mining engineering site design

The design of the mining engineering site is currently underway. The design of this site includes various features such as a special user section, download section, different pages with different…

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Dayador store Site Design

The design of Diador store site was done in 2 months. This site made it possible to sell all kinds of products (physical, digital, educational, auction), the sellers section was…

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Website design by Mahdieh Kerman

This collection had an old site. In this project, the old content was removed first, the new site was designed according to the needs. Previous content was completely re-edited and…

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Website design educational Fadak Scientific Research Center

The educational site of Fadak Scientific Research Center was designed in one month. This site is designed and planned to provide all kinds of training (registration for face-to-face and webinar…

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Site Design MineJobs

Mine Jobs job search site was designed for a month. And now the technical support and SEO section of this site is also underway.   [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="368,369,370,371"]

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